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Virtual Number is a service of a local phone company or local exchange carrier that provides a set of telephone numbers for calling into a company’s PBX system. By using Virtual in the structure of an organisation’s communication infrastructure, the company can offer its customers particular phone numbers for each employee or workstation within the group without requiring a physical line into the PBX for each potential connection.With this, the communication traffic can be easily managed and answered efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just use Voxinnova’s number or app, and it connects you to them, no matter the time. It’s an easy and affordable way to stay in touch worldwide.

Certainly! To call someone in Australia from your phone, Voxinnova makes it easy and affordable. Sign up, follow the steps, and use the Voxinnova app. Stay connected without breaking the bank.

Certainly! You can call Australia from your mobile with Voxinnova, regardless of your network. Call any Australian number, you can also use the Voxinnova app.

Certainly! You can make a call to Australia using Voxinnova from any landline phone. You can call any landline or mobile in Australia.

Certainly! Voxinnova provides cheap international calls to Australia through local dial-in numbers. Try it with your first call when you set up your Voxinnova account.