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Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) number is simply a universal toll free number. Just like international toll free numbers, universal freephone numbers allow prospects and customers to call you at no charge. Unlike regular toll free numbers, a single UIFN number can be dialed toll free from many different countries. Over 60 countries participate in the UIFN number program, which is overseen by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). A once-off ITU registration fee is required for new UIFN numbers.

Get More from Your UIFN Provider

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Universal Freephone Number Features

Call Forwarding

Divert incoming calls to another number or device call forwarding feature.

IVR / Auto Attendant

Route inbound callers to the correct recipient through automated prompts and use of the dialpad.

Call Recording

Record calls to easily monitor call quality and reference details about the conversation.

Voicemail Transcription

Voicemails for missed calls are sent directly to your email inbox and include a transcription of the message.

SIP Trunking

Get amazing voice quality, secure call routing, and affordable SIP termination worldwide with SIP trunking from Voxinnova.

MS Teams Direct Routing

Divert incoming calls to another number or device with Voxinnova's call forwarding feature.

Voice API

The voice API suite tailored for embedding global voice and messaging into your own technologies.

Number Porting

Easily port your number to the Voxinnova for free, and even get paid to transfer your number.

How to Get Your UIFN Number ?

Voxinnova makes it simple and affordable to set up UIFN service. Purchase a number through our online cart or contact us directly to receive a custom quote for your new Universal Toll Free Number.

How Much Does a Universal Toll Free Number Cost?

Your UIFN service costs depend on how many countries you would like toll free coverage in. Voxinnova provides custom international freephone number plans for all UIFN customers. UIFN Numbers require a single time registration fee ($500 per number) and a minimum of two numbers. To view your plan options, submit a free quote form or contact us today!
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