Wholesale VOIP Termination

Voice termination, also called call termination, merely means that when you place a call it is routed from one provider to another until it gets to its final destination. The point at which the call is received at the end of the cycle is what we call voice termination. To make it, even more, simpler when a call is made to someone it’s called ‘voice origination, and when a call is received it’s called Voice termination. To terminate a call, it isn’t necessary that you use a phone number. You can use any call making app like Skype, IMO, or Facebook messenger etc

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) call termination has been on the rise for over the Past Years and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down ,actually it’s now been used more than ever! If your company is not already using VoIP call termination, you are losing out on benefits that could be a huge blessing to your business!

So what are you waiting for? Here are some important advantages of wholesale VoIP Termination that will surely make you Consider replacing your regular telephone line(PTSN) or atleast compliment it!

  • Cost-Effective 

The meer fact that wholesale VoIP termination services are cost-effective is one of the key reasons for its popularity in the market Using Voip Technology is comparatively cheaper than using a regular phone line, Telecom companies charge a tariff for every single call you make. If you own a business that has multiple departments that need to collaborate over a phone line, telecom companies usually charge a hefty fee to interconnect your departments.

VoIP call termination drastically reduces your telecom bills. In most cases, you pay a flat monthly fee for the services, apps, and features that you want

  • More Integration Options Using Voip Termination 

Unlike A Regular PTSN, VOIP communication is not confined to just the regular telephone line, VOIP Termination call setting can be made to; PC To Phone, Call Conferencing, Video Calling, PC to PC, etc, The business becomes more effective by integrating all of these services into one single package!

  • Network Expansion:

Another benefit of implementing wholesale VoIP termination services is the flexibility to expand the network, which immediately boosts communication mobility. The usage of conference call features by clients or business associates who travel overseas and have a strong wish to stay connected with their consumers and colleagues is a great benefit of such network expansion

  • Voip Termination Immune to Fraud 

It is important to every customer that they should be billed only for the services that they have utilized, i.e. there should be no fraudulent activities and no illegitimate billing. Most Wholesale Voip Providers use the same technology as Credit Companies to weed out fraud Instances by using IP authentication, which prohibits high-cost calls and implement customizable access restrictions to ensure customers are not illegally billed. 

  • Wholesale Voip Termination Ensures Enhanced Call Quality

VoIP technology ensures that calls are of high quality without any disturbances. VoIP call quality is usually rated far higher than that of a regular telephone line (PSTN), however, other aspects influence call quality and must be examined, such as using a trusted VoIP termination service provider 

  • Increased Mobility 

Another benefit to businesses is the increase in mobility that VoIP termination offers. With this system, you can set up communications almost anywhere, all you need is to have access to a computer and a strong internet connection. Today, there are tens of thousands of mobile hot spots and free wi-fi areas to ensure connectivity. This makes it easier for workers to stay mobile at all times and keep in contact with businesses no matter where they are physically located

  • Voip Termination Services Offers Security and Reliability 

Security is a valid concern for VoIP call termination users. Since calls are made over the internet instead of phone lines, they are prone to hacking and data leaks, however at the Present most  VoIP call termination service providers go to great lengths to ensure the security of every connection made over their lines eg: by offering End-to-End Encryption, VoIP call termination services are now more secure than they have ever been before.

  • Extremely User-Friendly 

VoIP is not only an affordable communication option, it is also very user-friendly in point of management and deployment at the same time. This is because clients do not have to spend additional time, effort, and money on managing the entire system as it is fully controlled by the wholesale VoIP service provider, Plus you don’t have to worry about all those miles of wiring and routing through walls, All you need is a reliable internet connection, there’s very little equipment to buy, and it takes next to nothing to get set up.

Therefore With a reliable VOIP termination provider, individuals/companies can enjoy cheaper phone calls anywhere and companies can better manage their communication needs and avoid being charged excessively, If you want to save more money and add more functionality to your establishment, consider making the change to VoIP Termination Provider ,Contact Voxinnova for more information