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For a long period of time, most of the corporate phone system were power-driven by on-premise PBX hardware. There was a time when the key advantages of PBX system facilitated by Legacy PBX systems were beneficial to people even though its benefits have exceeded by seriously limited practicalities and major cost devices…

Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are cloud-based phone lines that work independently of physical phone lines. They route calls to a company’s phone system (PBX) so you can assign unique phone numbers to employees or departments without needing extra phone lines. This offers greater flexibility and cost savings compared to traditional phone systems.

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Why Should You Use Voxinnova for International Calls?

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Why should you use Click2Call

International Calls

Voxinova offers a solution that allows communication with loved ones residing abroad without incurring high costs. Our competitive prices ensure that you receive high-quality service while keeping costs low. With our service, you can have seamless communication with your family and friends located in different countries, without worrying about expenses.

Reach customers or loved ones abroad!

Universal Toll free numbers enable businesses to use a single toll-free number to reach customers in 60+ countries around the globe. Try any UIFN number risk-free.
International Calls & Virtual Numbers

Go Global: International Calls with Free Virtual Phone Numbers!

Custom SMS Portal by Voxinnova

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SMS Portal

SMS Portal

We’ll set you up with a custom SMS portal to allow you to serve your customer and your business objectives. One of the most useful features of our tool is that it allows you to schedule messages, so you can set up a messaging strategy and then let your software handle the actual sending of the messages. More advanced tools will also let you set replies to incoming text messages and analyze how successful your campaign is in real time.

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Virtual Number (also known as a DID) is a local telephone number in a selected country or city. The calls made to these numbers are
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